Dailypedia (UI/UX Case Study — Design Thinking)

Simply alarming you to wake up and be healthy everyday.

3 min readFeb 19, 2021
Picture Source: Google

The Project

To create multipurpose alarm mobile application to help user manage daily activities. This was one of the case study personal task at Purwadhika Startup & Digital School on August 11th 2020.

Study Method

Method writer used for this was Design Thinking. According to Stanford d.School, they define it as a methodology for creative problem solving with the following process.

Design Thinking Process


To process the study method, writer need to examine the User Persona like below.

Persona — Bams. Picture source: Google

The Execution

Next, writer divided each stage into three to get a deeper information. Based on the persona, six points of understanding were listed. Furthermore, writer ought to define the need then add two points of insights that might seem insightful for user. To actualise the desire, two ideations were put into the third box.

Design Thinking Process

Lastly, writer also tried to think about HMW for user about how to increase health awareness by utilising Healthy Tips feature.

HMW (How Might We)

The Result

Considering the earlier process, writer determined ‘Dailypedia’ as the name of this application which could help user to maintain daily task management also track the health matter in certain goal period.

Since user urge to adapt with the upcoming working culture to start from early morning, writer decided to put alarm on the first with vibrant colour, user also could select the certain days for using this feature.

On the second layer, writer put user’s activities within a day. If certain activity was done, user could just tick inside the red box. Writer also set potential activities for the following day at the left box corner. To be mindful of healthy life, footstep tracker complete with the status and blood pressure status were available at the same page.

At the third page, Dailypedia would recommend several activities which might suit user. Moreover, this app also could help user to train in a certain period. To maintain the goal and progress of sleeping management, Dailypedia could deliver the record and recap of user’s training in a monthly basis.

Unfortunately due to time limitation to finish the whole process under three hours, writer only successed to create a simple Wireframe Hi-Fi. Despite it, ideation and HMW has executed as planned.

Dailypedia Wireframe Hi-Fi

Thank you for reading! Writer hope this could be insightful for you. :)