(Redesign) Outer Space Theme Mobile Homepage

What’s your impression about your own homepage?

2 min readMar 31, 2021

I’d like to share my learning experience on redesigning mobile homepage as the second personal task at Purwadhika Startup & Coding School on August 5th 2020, supervised by Herru Adi Vian.

Picture source: Google

In this task, writer was assigned to redesign Iman Kurniawan’s homepage using Design Thinking as the study method. Initially, empathy is the key. Hence, call interview was conducted to understand about the person start from the behaviour, personality and pain points. Here’s the very rough note..

Rough note for redesign mobile homepage

Next, Define and Ideate! According to the rough note above, writer tried to collect and analyse information based on user’s priority then summarise it into the new form just like this..

Empathy, Define & Ideate

Anddddd we almost arrive to the final step, prototype (even though it should have been called ‘wireframe’ instead.. but whatever).

Since user are into outer space and monochrome vibe, writer decided to keep that theme then elaborate it with black background with an astronaut peep inside the crescent.

Finder search at the top to help user type-and-go easily.

Writer also put time & date at the the center of homepage considering those are two things user usually check at the first place.

In terms of widget, writer didn’t change many things at this area but just to make it more visible. As you can see, Internal Storage & SD Card Storage usage with some minor replacement.

At the bottom, writer add Note app and Instagram as the top most application. Why? User like to spontaneously make some notes and spend time screening using Instagram.

This is it!

At the testing step, user was happy about the redesign result. Yeay mission accomplished! Thank you for reading, hope this also can inspire you to make a lil decoration on your own homepage~