Tierra, might help to manage your waste

3 min readJan 10, 2021



Now it’s time to learn consuming your own waste. According the data I obtained from IDNTimes on June 10th 2020, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of The Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia) mentioned “Jumlah timbulan sampah nasional pada 2020 mencapai 67,8 juta ton.”

Worsen by the fact that Covid-19 pandemic that still exist over a year, in this uncertain moment, people allow to spend the time at home much longer to make money at the same time which make waste production getting much larger too especially plastic waste.

This is writer’s experience on learning to create a mobile web prototype named Tierra (means: earth in Spanish), known by Herru Adi Vian as the part time tutor at Purwadhika Startup & Coding School in early August 2020 with the aim to manage & provide the marketplace for environmental goods in one digital platform.


  1. Qualitative research
  2. Comparative Research

Participants Criteria

  1. Indonesian citizen
  2. Produce waste at the accommodation
  3. Tech savvy
  4. Have a will to manage your own waste
  5. Responsible


Writer tried to put three persona for this app with different background detail as follows

1st persona for Tierra — Picture source: Google
2nd persona for Tierra— Picture source: Google
3rd persona for Tierra

Comparative Research

Two local mobile applications from different cities were chosen..

  1. Rapel (Yogyakarta)
Rapel Mobile Application

2. Octopus (Makassar & Bali)

Octopus Mobile Application. Picture source: Google


Learnt from two previous mobile app above, writer would like to build awareness among relatable stakeholders in a city to enable several points below..

  1. Tierra could provide user to buy and sell the waste. However, they should know how to manage it by themselves.
  2. User could buy various organic stuffs at Tierra.
  3. User could sell the waste and collect the money by cash or digital depends on their needs.
  4. User could weight the waste just one click away using phone camera, Tierra also could help to recap the waste.
  5. Tierra could provide the exact timetable and progress to pick up the waste. User also could contact the driver directly by chat or call.
  6. Tierra might encourage more user and potential user to form new habit to stay productive during pandemic by utilising digital mobile platform.


Considering several ideation above, writer try to create the wireframe and prototype of Tierra. Introducing Tierra to you..

Tierra prototype

Literature Review

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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMTwOrdSR-I
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Writer hope Tierra could bring huge impact to solve waste management among society. Thank you for reading!