WhatsApp for UKM, a good solution for local micro enterprise

4 min readDec 25, 2020

In this challenging situation, do you find it easy to start a digital business? Comprehend the latest features? Or even find the trusted network to get to know the business field?

If so, this offer may suit yours!

Project Summary:

This is an individual final project for UI/UX Design Program at Purwadhika Startup & Digital School supervised directly by Herru Adi Vian (Mr) & advised by Firras Arafi (Mr) with the aim to support and develop local micro enterprise by redesigning the existing application. To accomplish this, design sprint methodology was chosen to train me to achieve the good result with the following steps:

Research Phase:

1. Comparative Research

Three platforms were chosen for research with several pros and cons points as follows:


b. WeChat

c. Instagram

2. Qualitative & Quantitative

By doing 3 Moderated Usability Testing (direct interviews) and 17 Unmoderated Usability Testing (correspondences via online form). I divided the objectives into two categories:

a. To comprehend WhatsApp user habits & preferences

b. To comprehend WhatsApp For Business (WFB) users motivations & habits

3. Affinity Maps

a. Based on the following objective: ‘To comprehend WhatsApp user habits & preferences’, Autotext Chat feature were high on demand

b. From the second objective, Catalog Product feature were also needed to display the stocks.

c. Double number under one platform and Change Display Picture as well as Username were top pain points discovered.

4. 2x2 Matrix

From this methodology, three top priorities that considered would be important to business & user: Catalog Status, Autotext Chat feature and Double number.

User Persona:

Duta, M, 27. A former worker in a private sector industry.

Quote: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Motivation & Desire : During pandemic Covid-19, he wanted to try running a digital business in the creative industry. Thus, he hoped to be able to find an user friendly application with effective features to bridge the buyer & the seller easily.

Problems: Duta found difficulties in separating personal & business numbers under two different platforms.

Wireframes, Design Phase & Prototype

I divided the phase into three: Registration/Login, Chat and Catalog

a. Registration/Login Phase

Based on the heatmap test analysis on Maze Design, user mostly clicked at the right area.

b. Chat Phase

Heatmap analysis also showed that user clicked at the correct area even though some others misclicked at the keyboard area. Detail attached below:

Number 2 inside the red box was my ideation related to ‘Switch to Private Account’ and vice versa. By clicking the icon, user could easily switch the account. This was inspired by LINE chat page as one of comparative research application.

c. Catalog Phase

Catalog Page

Final Prototype

Considering the insights based on observation of Usability Testing were about to enlarge the important icons (Switch Account icon, Media Storage icon, etc). I tried to execute two other ideations into prototype such as: Changing Profile Picture for Business Account and Top Stores in the Same Category at Catalog Page.

Final Prototype

Thank you for reading!